Monday, May 30, 2016

May Mini Musings

Fowl Language: If you are on Facebook, you have probably seen panels from this comic floating around.  I don't think I have seen one yet that I can't relate to.  Having them all in one volume is a bonus. My favorite one is your  child not being able to find"it" even when it is  right in front of his.her nose. I definitely recommend this one for any parent.  Trust me, you will be able to relate!

Things I've Said to My Children:  This is another amusing and relatable book.  While I might not have said some of these thing word for word, I have definitely found myself saying similar things to my own children.  It's definitely worth a read!

Once a Rancher: This is the beginning of a new series involving three brothers, but takes place in Mustang Creek like her last series with some of the other characters showing up.  I thought it was a cute, yet fast romance. The marriage proposal came out REALLY fast and I couldn't blame Grace for being reluctant to say yes.  I do have a challenge for Ms. Miller though.  Can you write one story without using the word "proverbial"?  Still it's worth a read and is a good introduction to the Carson family.  I look forward to Drake's story next!

Autumn Thorns: I'm kind of on the fence with this story.  On the one hand I did like the world building and the mythology behind  the spirit shamans and shape shifters.  I also liked the mystery of what happened to Kerris's parents.  I didn't even mind that there were unanswered questions that hopefully will be answered in the next book.  But what I hated was the insta-love between Kerris and Bryan.  And let's mention the cringe-worthy and so awkward love scenes between the two.  That alone made this a so-so story for me.  The author really needs to work on her love scenes!

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