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Blog Tour: The Girl Who Stayed by Tanya Anne Crosby

Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
Publisher: The Story Plant
Date of publication: April 2016

Zoe Rutherford wasn’t sure what she was expecting when she returned to Sullivan’s Island. The house on Sullivan’s hadn’t represented home to her in decades. It was the place where she endured her father’s cruelty. It was the place where her mother closed herself off from the world. It was the place where her sister disappeared. But now that her parents are gone, Zoe needs to return to the house, to close it down and prepare it for sale. She intends to get this done as quickly as possible and get on with her life, even though that life seems clouded by her past, both distant and recent. But what she discovers when she gets there is far beyond her imagining and will change her in profound ways.

The Girl Who Stayed is a remarkable exploration of the soul by a writer with a rare talent for reaching into the hearts of her characters and her reader

The Girl Who Stayed is a pretty quick read that started out strong.  Zoe has finally returned home to get her childhood home ready for sale.  She is also finally ready to face the demons of her past and move on with her life.  Her sister disappeared without a trace when they were children and it tore her family apart.  

As I said, I thought the book started out strong.  I liked Zoe and was fully invested her working through the memories of the past.  As she clears out her family home, she also clears out her feelings about her abusive father, her emotionally absent mother and her missing sister.  She also begins to reconcile how she ended up in an 8 year abusive relationship that ended badly.  

What I didn't end up liking about the book was the unanswered questions and a very unsatisfying ending.  I am not a fan of endings like this one as I feel like I need a reward for going through everything with the main character.  The fact that the character doesn't want to know doesn't mean that I, as the reader, don't want to know.  Because I do!  The reveal of what happened to the missing girls in the present and how it related to Zoe's sister's disappearance came out of complete nowhere for me.  Not that it really answered any questions that I had.  

The Girl Who Stayed isn't a bad book, I did like the writing style. I just think it would have worked better for me had there been a more satisfying ending. Had I gone into the book not expecting a mystery, I think I would have liked it more.

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About Tanya Anne Crosby

Tanya Anne Crosby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty-five novels. She has been featured in magazines, such as PeopleRomantic Timesand Publisher’s Weekly, and her books have been translated into eight languages. Her first novel was published in 1992 by Avon Books, where Tanya was hailed as “one of Avon’s fastest rising stars.” Her fourth book was chosen to launch the company’s Avon Romantic Treasure imprint. Known for stories charged with emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters, Tanya is an award-winning author, journalist, and editor, and her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. In 2013, she penned her first romantic suspense novel, Speak No Evil, which appeared on the USA Today list. The Girl Who Stayedbrings her full circle to work with Lou Aronica, President and Publisher of The Story Plant, who first published Tanya at Avon Books. Tanya and her writer husband split their time between Charleston, SC, where she was raised, and northern Michigan, where the couple make their home.

Find out more about Tanya at her website and on her blog, and connect with her onFacebook and Twitter.

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