Friday, September 29, 2017

Books We Didn't Finish - September edition

I'll Eat When I'm Dead:  I spent the first 3 chapters not knowing what the heck was going on in this story.  I think this was supposed to be satire about the fashion industry.  However, I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be taking place in the future or not.  There was so much name dropping and product placement, yet none of the names sounded familiar.  In the end, I gave up.  It definitely wasn't the book for me.

Genuine Fraud:  This book really confused me as well as bored me.  I had a hard time following the narrative as the narrator was unreliable.  I got about 25% of the way in and realized, I just didn't care how it ended.

Dragon Teeth:  This story was about as dry as a desert.  I was so bored.  My mind kept wandering while listening, so I finally gave up.  It just wasn't interesting enough to keep up my interest.

Chasing Red:  Wow, this story was really a mess.  The two main characters were highly unlikable.  I didn't see their "relationship" developing ever.  I couldn't take the back and forth drama between them.  I could only survive about 25% of the book before giving up.

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