Sunday, May 5, 2019

Review: Boyfriend Maintenance by Lauren Helms

Author:Lauren Helms
Date of publication: April 2019

My bad reputation is coming back to haunt me. Now, I need a date for my brother’s wedding just to keep the vultures at bay. I’ve noticed Jake around the building and he’s the perfect man for the job.
The thing is, I don’t actually have what I promised in return for his help, but I don’t want this to end.

I’ve seen Emmy and she’s out of my league, but that doesn’t stop me from taking her up on her offer and upping the ante. I have rules, however, the more time we spend together the more the lines get blurred.
Her lie made her more like me than I ever thought possible. Too bad liars don’t do it for me.

A little boyfriend maintenance goes a long way…

Boyfriend Maintenance is the fifth book in the 425 Madison Avenue series.  It's a collaborative series of novellas about different residents of the building finding love.  This is Emmy and Jake's story.  The fake boyfriend/girlfriend trope can be really fun if done right. In this case, it was done very well.  I enjoyed the story.  I actually loved that Jake and Emmy didn't really like each other in the beginning.  It made their transformation into friends then lovers more fun to watch. The only thing I would have liked was to learn more about Jake.  I felt like I got to know Emmy really well, but not enough about Jake. But, I guess that is the downside of shorter books.

 If you haven't tried out any of these stories, I recommend that you do.  Each one can be read as a stand alone.  They are a lot of fun and a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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