Wednesday, July 10, 2019

2 in 1: Sunkissed Days & Remind Me by Samantha Chase

Publisher: Chasing Romance, Inc.
Publication Date: February 2019

Mallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy—now man—she’s been crushing on for years. Coming back to Magnolia Sound to celebrate her great-grandfather’s birthday provides the perfect opportunity to show Jake that she’s no longer a child.

The last thing Jake expected to do at his mentor’s birthday party was to find himself kissing Mallory under the moonlight. Though he’s known her for years, the thought of kissing her never crossed his mind. But the shy tomboy he once knew is gone, and in her place is a woman he can’t resist.

They have one summer before they go their separate ways. Insecurity wars with the possibility of a future together, but it could all come to an end before it even has a chance to start.

Publisher: Chasing Romance, Inc.
Publication Date: March 2019

It’s been years since Mallory Westbrook set foot in Magnolia Sound, but the death of her great-grandfather forces her back. Two weeks to get his affairs in order then she would return to her life in New York. The perfect plan, if not for Jake Summerford—her first love who broke her heart.

Jake always regretted the way things ended with Mallory and now that she’s back in town, he’s hoping they can put the past behind them. As they reconnect, old feelings resurface and Jake realizes that friendship is only the beginning of he wants from Mallory.

With one foot out of the door, Mallory is looking for any excuse to leave Magnolia Sound behind. Forever. Will Jake’s plan to replace the old, painful memories help him finally show her their love deserves another chance?

My thoughts:

I'm combining my review for these two books because they directly relate to each other.  Sunkissed Days is a novella that is a prequel to Remind Me.  It tells the story of Mallory and Jake when they were younger and how they got together.  It was a cute story with a heartbreaking cliff hanger ending.  It did get me excited to read the next book to see if they could repair their relationship.  The best part about this novella was the relationship between Mallory and her grandfather as well as his relationship with Jake.  IT was so endearing and a joy to read.

Remind Me takes place years later.  Both Mallory and Jake are more mature and come to the relationship with a better and fresher perspective.  I loved them together and was rooting for them.  I was really rooting for Mallory to realize that she could give up her boring life in New York and move back to the place that is truly her home.  I loved the ending!  It was perfect!

The other characters in the book rounded out the story nicely.  I thought the Mallory's cousins were hilarious.  It looks like the next book features Mallory's brother,  Sam.  I already have it on my TBR.  I highly recommend this series.  

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