Sunday, July 21, 2019

Review: The Final Awakening Series by J., Thorn & Zach Bohannon

Authors: J. Thorn & Zach Bohannon 
Publisher: Molten Universe Media
Published in 2017

The series begins with Dawn.  We meet our unlikely hero, Dax, who has broken out of prison. There was a major event that is not explained until much laer in the series, but essentially, all of the power in New Orleans has been knocked out.  No help or relief has come.  No one it sure if the rest of the country has suffered from the same disaster.  Through flashbacks, we learn about each character and  how they coped with the power fail and resulting chaos in the city.

When I first started this series, I thought it was going to be a disaster survival series.  But about halfway through the book it became a paranormal series with vampires.  In a way, it reminded me of The Strain.  Only, the vampires in this book don't drink blood.  They feed off of the negative emotions from their victims.  This ensures that they can feed for a long time.  I though that concept was interesting and unique.

Overall, the series was enjoyable.  I liked Dax as the hero.  He was always torn about saving himself or helping others.  He came across as genuine.  The Casket Girls were fun additions to the final book, Night.  I loved the pure evilness of the villains.  I would have to say my biggest complaint about the series was the final battle scene in Night .  It was a bit anti-climactic and kind of a little cheesy.

This is a trilogy that I really believe could have been a duology.  I really feel like Dawn and Dusk could have been combined into one book. Overall it was a fun and interesting take on a post-apocalyptic disaster.  One of the best parts was that we get to see it from the beginning of the "event".    I listened to the audiobooks and I highly recommend that format.

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