Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Review: The Dark Side of the Road by Simon R. Green

Author: Simon R. Green
Publisher: Severn House Publishers
Date of publication: May 2015

Ishmael Jones is someone who can't afford to be noticed, someone who lives under the radar, who drives on the dark side of the road. He's employed to search out secrets, investigate mysteries and shine a light in dark places. Sometimes he kills people. Invited by his employer, the enigmatic Colonel, to join him and his family for Christmas, Ishmael arrives at the grand but isolated Belcourt Manor in the midst of a blizzard to find that the Colonel has mysteriously disappeared. As he questions his fellow guests, Ishmael concludes that at least one of them not least Ishmael himself - is harbouring a dangerous secret, and that beneath the veneer of festive cheer lurk passion, jealousy, resentment and betrayal. As a storm sets in, sealing off the Manor from the rest of the world, Ishmael must unmask a ruthless murderer they strike again. 

The Dark Side of the Road was an interesting book.   Ishmael Jones has been called to his boss's house and ends up stranded there with his boss's family members.  The Colonel (his boss) is nowhere in sight.  Things get worse when a murder occurs.  Set in today's time frame, it had kind of an Agatha Christie feel at first. Then it turned into a sci-fi mystery. That twist was unexpected as I knew very little about the book going into it. I ended up enjoying the story immensely.  

The main character, Ishamel is not what he seems.  He is kind of a "fixer" for the Colonel.  But he has a darker secret.  I won't tell you what he is, you'll have to read to find out.  I found myself really liking him and am intrigued enough to read more of the later stories involving his character.  This was a fun sci-fi/paranormal mystery and one I do recommend checking out.

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