Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Mini Musings

The Haunted:  To be honest, this was kind of a forgettable book.   Let's just say, it's not scary, has lots of character cliches and was a giant waste of time. The ending made no sense at all.  I wouldn't recommend it.

The Archived:  This has been on my TBR for a while.  It was a pleasant surprise and the first book by this author that I have actually enjoyed.  I liked the premise.  It was fun and unique.  I enjoyed the characters and the twists.  I probably will read the sequel.

No Saving Throw:  This was a random pick from the library.  It's a cozy mystery that takes place in a gaming store.  It was cute with fun characters.  I enjoyed the mystery.  I was totally wrong about who the killer was, so that made it even more of a fun read.  I'd recommend it and will read the next one.

Dead in the Water:  This is a true crime novel that follows the families of two British citizens  who were murdered off the coast of Guatemala in the late 70s.  The families had to investigate from a different continent.  It would take over thirty years for the families to find justice.  This was an interesting read and one I would recommend if you like True Crime.
In the Shadow of Spindrift House: I had mixed feelings about this book.  On one hand it was pretty creepy.  But on the other, it was too short for me to fully understand what was going on.  I felt unsatisfied with the ending and would have liked more of an explanation. The characters were a little annoying and I wasn't too invested in them. It was a quick read, so try it for yourself. 

Haunted Hideout:  Now this was a  very creepy haunted house story that I actually enjoyed.  It was a bit cheesy and had some common horror tropes, but I ended up liking the book.  I could see this being made into a movie.  It would have some great jump scares.

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