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Blog Tour: Review of The Beginner's Guide to Winning an Election by Michael R. French

Author: Michael R. French
Publisher: Moot Point Productions
Publication Date: November 2018

Brit Kitridge’s plan was just to get her high school diploma and head to college and med school, but nobody can escape from fate, or is it history? The Beginner’s Guide To Winning an Election reveals our main character’s love for history, and after a summer reading books that fuel her passion for politics, Brit decides to join TM (Team Mathew), a fourteen-member group that has helped Mathew Boltanski win every election he’s ever entered. Now he’s going for the big one—student body president. By orchestrating brilliant campaigns one after the other, TM has made Matthew a national young star and promising politician who could even run for higher office in Washington. When Brit is accused of sabotaging the team, she realizes that Hawthorn High has its secrets, and someone needs to shed some light on them. The story is set in a world six years ahead of our time. Security is a constant issue. Politics isn’t black-and-white, it’s not even gray anymore. Inflation is out of control and the educational system is in crisis. But what happens when you find out what’s really going on? What do you do with secrets no one but you wants to hold up to the light?

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The Beginner's Guide to Winning an Election features Brit, a high school senior, who gets involved in student politics at her high school.  After being accused of being a political spy, she decides to run for student body president herself.  I really wanted to love this book.   Sadly, I didn't love it.  It is set in a high school.  Having two high school aged kids myself, I felt the story was a bit unbelievable.  The teens in this book didn't come across as realistic and felt like cliches. The story was a bit slow and I found myself skimming to get to the end.

I will say that I did like Brit's character.  She was probably the best part about the book.  I liked her conviction and drive to achieve her goals.  I definitely think there is an audience for this story, I just wasn't the right one. So check it out and see for yourself.

About Michael R. French

National best selling author Michael French is a graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University. He is a businessman and author who divides his time between Santa Barbara, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is an avid mountain trekker, likes to visit developing countries, and with his wife, Patricia, started a 501(c) 3, Dollars4Schools, to support public school teachers in Santa Fe.

He has published twenty four books, including fiction, young adult fiction, biographies, and art criticism. His novel, Abingdon’s, was a bestseller and a Literary Guild Alternate Selection. His young adult novel, Pursuit, was awarded the California Young Reader Medal.

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Sara Strand said...

I liked Brit, too. I thought this book was pretty well done and I enjoyed it. I've already passed it on to my friend who teaches at the high school. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours