Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Review: Dead Man Walking by Simon R. Green

Author: Simon R. Green
Publisher:Severn House Publishers
Date of publication: September 2016

Call me Ishmael. Ishmael Jones. I am the man in the shadows, that even the shadows are afraid of. The secret agent whose life is the greatest secret of all. And some of the cases I work are trickier than others. " 

A rogue agent has come in from the cold and wants to spill his secrets. The Organisation wants Ishmael to find out if Frank Parker is who he says he is, what he really knows, and why he has emerged from the shadows after all this time. 

Ishmael heads to Ringstone Lodge in Yorkshire where Parker is being held to find that an atmosphere of fear and suspicion prevails. As he and his fellow residents are menaced by a series of alarming and inexplicable incidents, Ishmael sets out to prove that it s human trickery rather than any supernatural being behind the seemingly ghostly goings-on. But matters take an unexpected turn when one of their number is brutally murdered, and once again Ishmael must turn detective in order to entrap a twisted killer before they strike again.

Dead Man Walking is the second book in the Ishmael Jones series.  This time around, Ismael is called to interrogate an agent the has "come in from the cold".  Of course, strange deaths and mysterious hi-jinx ensues. 

 I thought this was a solid follow up to the first book.  Ishmael is a character that I enjoy spending time with.  His girlfriend Penny is back with him on this mystery.   I love their relationship.  Their banter is fun and very amusing.  The set up here is very much like the fist book.  They are in a house and people are dying.  However, that is where the similarity ends.  The murders are pretty gruesome and the house is pretty creepy.   That's all I'll say about it so I don't give away anything else.  

One thing I will add is I wish we got an answer to was who Ishmael really is and where he comes from.  I'm hoping later in the series, we start to get some answers.  I definitely recommend this one.  I have the next book, Very Important Corpses on my TBR!

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