Thursday, May 28, 2020

Blog Tour: Review of Bookish Princess by C. Lesbirel

Bookish Princess by C. Lesbirel is a contemporary Beauty and the Beast. Fans of enemies to lovers and angsty love stories will devour this new adult romance. The next installment of the Modern Princess Collection is now LIVE!

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Desperate to escape the responsibility that came with her gypsy roots, Bella buries her head in books and does everything she can to hide her true identity. 
Hunter was born to fight and win, but fighting for Bella is a losing battle from the very beginning.

When she is forced to marry a monster, will she take a chance on love and see beneath the beast, or will she run away and turn her back on everything she knows?

If you enjoy angsty love stories and need to know what happens when love is unrequited, you’ll love this new adult, Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Bookish Princess is the latest installment of the Modern Princess Collection. It is essentially a Beauty and the Beast/ enemies to lovers story.  It is a quick read, but I wish it was a little longer.  I wanted more interaction with Bella and Hunter.  I liked both characters a lot, especially Hunter.  I can't imagine being put into the position either of them were put into.  I was rooting for them to figure things out and I enjoyed the ending.  There was one thing that I had a hard time with.  Something happens to Bella that seems to be swept under the rug by everyone involved and that did bother me.  I I would have liked more of a resolution of that aspect.  I do recommend this one.  Any character who loves to read is one after my own heart.

About C. Lesbirel

Clare Lesbirel is a lover of all things pink and fluffy with a huge obsession for Happy Ever After's. This includes most romance novels, country songs and Hallmark movies. She lives in England where she spends most of her time reading or dreaming up new love stories. She first published with her best friend under the pen name, Autumn Ruby in 2018 and won a handful of indie author awards. It is the love and support of the friends she has made along the way that has led her to follow her dreams of publishing sweet, sexy stories that celebrate the relationships of the perfectly imperfect.
Clare loves to befriend those who are equally as obsessed with hot alpha’s as she is, so be sure to catch up with her on social media.

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