Sunday, August 29, 2021

Books I DNF'd in August

Dream Girl
:  I was looking forward to a good psychological thriller.  Instead I got a  bore fest with an extremely unlikable character.  I just couldn't root for this guy.  I couldn't relate to him.  I made it about 30% and had to give up.

The Good Girls:  I think for once I would love to have a HS book that depicts accurate teens in HS.  I hated every character in this book.  I didn't like the bi representation.  Being bi doesn't make cheating OK.  It just makes you a cheater.  I found nothing remotely believable in this book.  I made it about 60% and gave up.

Safe in Her Arms
:  I was really disappointed in this one because I love this author.  I couldn't get into it.  Again, what is with the extremely unlikable characters?  I need someone to root for. Every mother in this book was horrible.  I couldn't buy into anything that was happening.  

Where the Truth Lies: I only made it in about 15% and knew I would not like this book.  I think the theme of this month was DNFing books with horrible characters.  How a tiny town could have so many of them is beyond me.  I had no interest in finishing.

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