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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Forever with the Mechanic by Allie York


Author: Allie York
Publication Date: August 2021
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I didn’t need to be rescued, but Dax wanted to save me anyway.
Joslyn’s life was in shambles. Just when she believes things are going her way, she finds herself jobless and homeless.
When Dax Thompson sees her sitting at the bar, alone, he knows he has to have her.
But Joslyn doesn’t want to be saved.
Dax has other plans though. Business and home owner, Dax realizes the only thing missing is a family.
And who better to have at his side than Joslyn Moore.
Falling into bed is the easy part, falling in love is a little harder.
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My thoughts:

Forever with the Mechanic features Joslyn and Dax.  When Dax sees Joslyn across the room at a dive bar, he knows had is the one for him.  He just has to convince Joslyn of that.  This one was just OK for me.  One thing I can say for this story is that the couple does have chemistry.  I did like that aspect. The bedroom scenes were extremely steamy.  As for the rest, my biggest issue was the short length.  I felt like their romance went from zero to 120 in 2 pages.  I get that  Dax was all in from the moment he saw Joslyn, but it was a bit over the top.  He basically gave her no room to breath and make a decision.  I wasn't a fan of that.  Had the story been longer, there would have been more space for them to build up to I Love You.  I also would have been able to connect with the characters more.  I felt like I knew nothing about them.   I still do recommend giving it a shot, especially if you love a lot of steam in the bedroom scenes.

Copyright 2021 @Allie York
Before I know what I’m doing, I’m outta my chair and striding across the bar. Everett says my name, but I just shake my head and keep walking. When I get to the stool next to her, I pause to take her in. Tight ass jeans, a sparkly top, and curves for fucking days. Turned toward the bartender, she doesn’t see me, but he does. He gives me a chin tip before vanishing and I lift one leg over the stool to sit next to her.
“Now don’t take this wrong, but you don’t really fit in here.” I lean in so she can hear me.
“No, not really.” She turns to me, and I’m hit with big, chocolate doe eyes and even fuller lips than I imagined.
“How’d you find yourself in O’Malley’s alone?” The bartender appears with another beer, and I thank him.
“A job.” She shrugs and mirrors me by lifting her glass. A job. No fucking way this little thing could make it in this place. The patrons would eat her alive. I bite back a laugh. “But I don’t think he’s very impressed.” She nods to the man delivering drinks across the bar. I think his name is Drake, but I don’t remember.
“Anyone not impressed with you is blind or wrong.” I wink at her and she smirks, still nursing the same beer.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were hitting on me.”
“Good thing you know better.” I put out a hand. “Dax.”  She slides her small, soft hand into mine.
“Joslyn. It’s very nice to meet you.” Before she slides her hand from mine I run my thumb over her knuckles, reveling in the softness.
“Nice to meet you, Joslyn. Now I have a question before we get better acquainted. Is there any reason you shouldn’t be talking to me alone in a bar?” I lean in, wanting, needing, to be closer to her. And hoping like hell she doesn’t have a man waiting for her somewhere.
“Nope. But who said we needed to be better acquainted?” Mischief lights those brown eyes and her tongue darts out to lick her bottom lip. Fuck me, I want to be the one licking that lip.
“I’m a nice guy. You seem like a nice girl. I think us getting acquainted sounds like a damn good idea.” I wink at her, and a pink blush starts at her chest and creeps up her neck to her cheeks. “What do you say? Wanna come join us over here?” Her eyes dart to my rowdy party behind us and her lips twist. I stand up and lean in close to her ear. “Don’t worry, none of them will lay a hand on you. You have my word.” Joslyn stands up, her head barely coming up to my shoulder, and looks up at me.


About Allie York
I'm a mom, wife, and dog groomer by day. At night I write contemporary romance. I love funny dog videos, I read naughty books, and drink too much coffee.
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