Monday, August 9, 2021

Review: Abel (A Morningstar MC Novel) by D. Williams

Author D. Williams
Publication Date: July 2021

Eloping with the love of my life isn't as easy as finding an Elvis chapel on the Vegas strip. Demons from my wife's past come back to haunt us before the honeymoon can even start. We have to get through all the secrets and lies to reach our happily ever after. Welcome to Paradise NV, home of the MorningStar MC. 

Abel is the first book in a new series about the Morningstar Motor Cycle club.  I wouldn't say this was really romance.  It is more of an introduction to the many characters of the MC.  Abel and Dylan have been in love forever and the book opens right after their elopement.  There is no build up to their getting together.  However, I did enjoy their relationship and didn't really miss their getting together story.  I thought the "curse" of the twins was interesting and look forward to future books to see if it is carried on with these two.  

The bigger part of the story involves something that happened in Dylan and her twin sister Dorian's past.  Their kidnapping also resulted in the death of their mother.  Someone is trying to sabotage and kill Dorian.  So, there is a little bit of a mystery there.  The story is told through multiple points of view, not just Dylan and Abel. I enjoyed that part because it allowed me to get to know the other characters in the MC. The ending left things open for Dorian's story and I am looking forward to reading that one.  I enjoy most of the MC books that I read. However, this one is a bit cruder than I'm used to. Don't get me wrong though,  I did enjoy it.  There is a lot of hot and dirty sex in this book, so be prepared. You won't want to stop reading!

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