Saturday, August 28, 2021

Review: Stronger Than You Know by Lori Foster

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: August 2021

Their secrets run deep, but desire runs deeper…

Kennedy Brooks has spent years learning how to protect herself, and empowering other women to do the same. Still, there are some hazards that can’t be predicted. That includes Reyes McKenzie, who owns her local gym. Strong, capable, and watchful, he seems like the one man who might understand her past. For once, Kennedy is tempted to let her guard down—something she’s vowed never to do.

The moment petite, fiercely determined Kennedy walked into his gym, Reyes knew that she carried secrets. What he didn’t expect was that she could tell the same about him. When trouble tracks her down, she turns to Reyes, unleashing a maelstrom of protective instinct and mutual desire. But will her need for him end when the danger does, or will they take the ultimate risk—on each other?

Stronger Than You Know is the second book in the McKenzie family series. This one is Reyes and Kennedy's story.  When Kennedy's past comes looking for her, she reaches out to the one person she thinks she can trust.  Reyes has been intrigued with Kennedy since she stepped foot in his gym.  He is very eager to help her in her time of need. 

I loved this one.  It has the perfect balance of romance, intrigue, humor and action.  I loved Reyes and how he was so alpha toward Kennedy. Yet he respected her choices and could see strength in her that she didn't always see in herself.  I had to admire Kennedy for turning her tragedy at a young age into a positive as an adult.  They were a perfect fit.  The other thing I love about this series is the McKenzie family and how they interact with each other.  I cannot wait for Madison's story.  I have a feeling Crosby doesn't realize what he is getting himself into!    I highly recommend this one!

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