Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Untamed by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in 1983 by Silhouette 


of superlatives . . .of illusions . . .an ageless wonder in a changing world. So Jo Wilder, the diminutive lion trainer, told Keane Prescott, the new owner of the circus. And he believed her. Night after night he had watched her fearlessly enter the lions’ cage in her gold spangled body suit, her dark hair flowing down her back.

He had seen her gentle the fiercest lion, command the lead elephant to kneel, tumble with the acrobats. Why couldn’t he realize that her heart did cartwheels at the very sight of him, and that for her the greatest wonder of them all was when he held her in his arms?

Being a fan of Nora Roberts, I have been slowly making my way through her very early works.  Untamed is a very quick read so I thought I would breeze right through it. Instead I found myself just skipping ahead to see if it got any better.  Sadly, it didn't.  I can't honestly say that I enjoyed this one.  It was just too cheesy to enjoy fully.  I didn't like either Jo or Keane.  I couldn't decide what Jo was supposed to be, a brave lion tamer or a naive innocent.  I had a hard time buying the innocence act since she grew up in the circus.  Keane just came across as a playboy. The back and forth angst got tiring. I'd say skip this one if you haven't read it.  It really isn't worth the time.

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