Friday, February 8, 2013

Severed Threads by Kaylin McFarren

Author:  Kaylin McFarren
Publisher: Creative Edge Publishing
Date f Publication: July 2012

Believing herself responsible for her father’s fatal diving accident, Rachel Lyons has withdrawn from the world and assumed a safe position at a foundation office. When called upon by a museum director to assist her former love interest with the recovery of a cursed relic from a sunken Chinese merchant ship, she has no intention of cooperating – until her brother is kidnapped by a drug-dealing gangster. In order to save him and gain control over her life, Rachel must not only overcome her greatest fears, but also relive the circumstances that lead to her father’s death.

Severed Threads is the first in a series involving treasure hunters Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen.  Rachel and Chase have a history. After Rachel's father died in a diving accident, Chase disappeared out of her life with no explanation. Now he is back asking for her help.

Overall, I did enjoy the story. Chase and Rachel have a great chemistry together.  I did find myself rooting for them to get back together.  The book has a lot of action and some mystery to it.  I liked both as well as a few twists that were thrown into keep you guessing.  The only thing I didn't enjoy about the book were the multiple side stories.  I felt like there was too much going on and it made the book more convoluted than it needed to be.  Ultimately, they slowed down the book for me.  It looks like Severed Threads is the first in a trilogy, so I will be looking for the next book, Buried Threads, which is coming soon.
About the author:

Linda Yoshida, aka Kaylin McFarren, is a rare bird indeed. Not a migratory sort, she prefers to hug the West Coast and keep family within visiting range. Although she has virtually been around the world, she was born in California, relocated with her family to Washington, and nested with her husband in Oregon. In addition to playing an active role in his business endeavors, she has been involved in all aspects of their three daughters' lives - taxi duties, cheerleading coaching, script rehearsals, and relationship counseling, to name but a few. Now she enjoys spending undisciplined time with her two young grandsons and hopes to have many more.

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