Saturday, February 2, 2013

American Subversive by David Goodwillie

by:  David Goodwillie
published by:  Scribner
publish date:  April, 2010

A bomb rips through the deserted floor of a midtown office tower. Middle Eastern terrorists are immediately suspected. But four days later, with no arrests and a city on edge, an anonymous email arrives in Aidan's in-box. Attached is the photograph of an attractive young white woman, along with a chilling message: "This is Paige Roderick. She's the one responsible."

Aiden Cole is a New York journalism blogger.  After the bombing of a building in New York City in a post 9/11 world the city is on edge wanting answers.  Aiden is the only one that has gotten any clue.  An anonymous email points him to Paige Roderick.  Paige is radical.  After the death of her brother she fell in with groups similar to Earth Liberation Front and Weather Underground.  

I found this book to be extremely confusing.  I listened to the audiobook and perhaps that's where the problem came in.  It seemed like there was a big chunk missing or I missed something.  I listened to the whole thing, but it seemed like there were big gaps in the story.  

The premise of the story was good.  Paige's story was compelling.  I found myself really intrigued by her progression into radicalism.  I just didn't understand how Paige and Aiden connected.

Perhaps if I had the physical copy of the book where I could flip back through the pages and figure out where I was missing things I would have understood it better.

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