Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Books We Didn't Finish

Kari reviewed White Heat earlier this month and enjoyed listening to the audiobook.  I tried reading the book and just couldn't get into it.  Part of it was the native language, I know most people can just skim over that kind of stuff, but I can't.  I have to stop to try to pronounce it, then that throws off my rhythm and frustrates me.  I gave it about 100 pages and decided it really wasn't holding my interest enough to keep with it.

Damned was a stupid book in my opinion.  The first thing that irritated me was the repetition.  Certain aspects of the book were repeated constantly.  It wasn't cute or clever or funny, it was boring.   It was a rip off of The Breakfast Club and the setting happened to be Hell.  It wasn't even a well written Hell.  It was like a bunch of 13 year old boys sat around trying to gross each other out more with their descriptions of Hell.  Again I gave the book about 100 pages and decided it was juvenile and a waste of my time.

I often peruse the shelves at the library for audiobooks to enjoy at work. Even though The Grave Tattoo is a couple of years old, I thought I would try it out.  I got to disc number 3 and I had to shut it off.  I was so bored.  I found myself replaying parts of the book because I kept zoning out and not paying attention. Never a good sign! The characters were dull and not much really happens.  The narrator's voice also really annoyed me on this one.  Which is surprising since she read White Heat and I enjoyed her on that one. 

Pretty got great reviews, so I downloaded the audiobook from my library.  I shut it off after disc 2.  I couldn't listen to it anymore. The narrator was fine, it was the story itself. I thought it was depressing and I really didn't care for Bebe at all. I couldn't see where the author was going with the story and wasn't really willing to find out.  Definitely not my cup of tea.  (Autumn gave up on Pretty too!)
Castaways was bad. I couldn't make it past the 4th chapter on audio. The writing was terrible and there was no suspense. Don't tell me who did it in the 2nd chapter! When I got to the political speech, I had to shut it off. I really didn't care about the characters enough to wait for them to be offed. This is my first Keene book and it might be my last.


The More the Merrier said...

I haven't heard of any of these books before. I guess there is a reason why. Thanks for the heads up!

Marce said...

I have heard great things of ValMc so want to try, this isn't the one I will go for first.