Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here Be Monsters: 50 Days Adrift at Sea

by:  Michael Finkel
published by:  GQ Magazine
publish date:  August 9, 2011

They did it for the simplest of reasons: adventure. Three young friends, on a drunken dare, set out on a dinghy for a nearby island. But when the gas ran out and they drifted into barren waters, their biggest threat wasn't the ocean -- it was each other.

This was released as a Kindle Single.  My first experience with the Kindle Singles was Mile 81 by Stephen King and it was a good one so I thought I'd check this one out.  I like survival stories and this one sounded like it was going to be a good one.

It was just ok.  The story was interesting.  How these boys lasted for so long with so little I don't know.  The part I liked most was all the other survival stories that were interspersed throughout the article.  I was disappointed in the ending.  I guess I was hoping for more of a storybook ending and not a real life ending. 

Was it worth it to buy the Kindle Single?  Probably not.  Since I now know it was originally published in GQ, it would have been better to track it down online. 

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