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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Code of Darkness by Chris Lindberg

Giveaway Details:
Mr. Lindberg has authorized me to give away 1 e-copy of Code of Darkness.   Since it is an e-book I can open it up internationally.  Just leave a comment with a valid e-mail.  Let us know if you tweet or post the giveaway on Facebook for an extra chance.  I'll keep this open until Dec 4.  

Also, Mr. Lindberg is running a grand prize giveaway for a $50 visa gift card to the person that comments at every stop and follows the entire tour. For a list of tour stops visit here.

Author: Chris Lindberg
Publisher: self published/
Date of publication: Aug 17 2011

During a deadly hostage standoff, Chicago police officer Larry Parker witnesses a heroic act by a mysterious intervener. But when the Samaritan disappears, Larry is left only with unanswered questions. Suddenly vigilante activity begins popping up all over the city. Larry finds evidence pointing to the Samaritan, and discovers his identity – a loner known only by the name Rage. But Rage has also drawn the attention of a covert Black Ops division within the Pentagon itself. Seen as a liability to their secret operation, Larry finds himself in the cross hairs as well, and must find answers while on the run. The deadly chase leads cross-country to a top-secret military facility in Virginia, where Rage and Larry uncover the greatest danger of all -- and only they can stop the unthinkable from happening.

Code of Darkness is an exciting, tense and non-stop adventure.  I don't normally like straight action books, but I really enjoyed this one!  The entire time I was reading it, I kept thinking this would make a great movie. I could even picture how the scenes would play out.  The plot was well written and well thought out. 

The characters were well written.  Rage has special abilities and struggles with the question of using them or not.  In seeking justice for the helpless, he becomes a vigilante.  His actions bring him into the cross hairs of the police as well as a Black Ops team.  What interest does the military have in him and what is going on inside the secret research facility?  You will have to read to find out.  I hate to give away too much of the plot because it would really spoil it.  I never would have guessed the secret behind who Rage is and how he came to be.  I had a dozen scenarios in my mind, but I didn't even come close.  

I definitely recommend Code of Darkness.  I sorry when it ended.  This is the debut novel for Mr. Lindberg.  I see a bright future ahead of him and look forward to his next book!

About the Author:

Chris Lindberg was born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois.  After graduating from Northern Illinois University in the mid-1990s, he headed out to the west coast for a couple of years, where he began writing as a casual pastime.  

Some time after returning to Chicago he began attending writers workshops at StoryStudio Chicago, where he wrote two character studies, both of which have since been developed into key characters in Code of Darkness.  

Chris now lives outside Chicago with his wife Jenny and their two children, Luke and Emma.  You might catch him working away on his second novel while commuting on his morning train into the city.

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