Thursday, November 17, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Dangerous Lies by Lisa April Smith

Author: Lisa April Smith
First Published in 2001 by Windgate Publishing

The trial had everything an ambitious prosecuting attorney could want: a solid case against a known crime lord and a seductively beautiful witness with a steamy past - ingredients guaranteed to pack a courtroom." From its first line, Dangerous Lies entices. Alternately raw, romantic, funny, and terrifying, this racy new thriller has two unforgettable protagonists. Tina Davis is the former mob mistress who inexplicably risks her life. Jake Stern, is the prosecuting attorney who hides a crippling fear behind a handsome stoic mask. Repelled by her past and obsessed with her presence, it's Jake's job to keep Tina alive.

Dangerous Lies is an interesting view into how our past can help to shape our future lives.  Ms. Smith draws you right into the story by first setting the scene in the present...a smart, beautiful former mistress of a mob boss, who is now a key witness in the case against a gangster and the prosecuting attorney who is intrigued by her. The story then takes us into the past to explore the upbringing of both characters.

Dangerous Lies is a well written and intriguing book. I really liked the characters. They were well written and well fleshed out.  Tina is a strong and ambitious woman.  After reading about her past, you can't help but understand how she got to this point in her life.  I really liked her.  The mystery was full of suspense and tension.  I'm not sure I liked the ending.  It wasn't what I was hoping for, but I can see why it ended the way it did.

I definitely recommend this throwback.  Ms. Smith has a new book coming out soon and I look forward to reading more by her!

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