Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Night Fire by Catherine Coulter

Author: Catherine Coulter
First published in 1989 by Avon


Trapped into a loveless marriage, Arielle Leslie knew a life of shame and degradation. Even after the death of her brutal husband, she was unable to free herself from the shackles of humiliation. Only Burke Drummond's love could save her . . . if she let it. But as his passion blazed, his patience wore thin . . . and Arielle risked a future as terrifying as her past.

As much as I enjoy Ms. Coulter's romantic suspense, I love her historical romances even more.  Night Fire is the first in the "Night" Trilogy.  This one was very uncomfortable to read to at times.  The things that Arielle's first husband put her though were just brutal and despicable.  Ms. Coulter does not shelter the reader from the reality of the situation either.  While it was hard to read, I have to give her props for being willing to not sugar coat everything.  Had she done that, I don't think the love story that follows would have been believable.

Burke and Arielle's romance is a tender love story.  The way in which Burke helps Arielle to heal was so touching.  He show incredible patience and understanding and through this, Arielle is able to find her way back to herself. I love that he constantly reminds her that he loves her.  There is a little bit of a mystery, but the romance definitely shines through as the reason to read the book.

The peripheral characters are wonderful and seem to be featured in the other books of the trilogy.  The next book is Night Shadow and features Knight Wontrhop, Burke's best friend.  I look forward to reading that one soon!

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Unknown said...

I love a good romance with an emotional read, I think I will look into this book. Thank you for your review!