Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review & Giveaway: The Prophet by Ethan Cross

Author: Ethan Cross
Publisher: The Story Plant
Date of Publication: October 2012

OLD ENEMIES… Francis Ackerman Jr. is one of America’s most prolific serial killers. Having kept a low profile for the past year, he is ready to return to work – and he’s more brutal, cunning, and dangerous than ever.
NEW THREATS… Scarred from their past battles, Special Agent Marcus Williams cannot shake Ackerman from his mind. But now Marcus must focus on catching the Anarchist, a new killer who drugs and kidnaps women before burning them alive.
HIDDEN TERRORS… Marcus knows the Anarchist will strike again soon. And Ackerman is still free. But worse than this is a mysterious figure, unknown to the authorities, who controls the actions of the Anarchist and many like him. He is the Prophet – and his plans are more terrible than even his own disciples can imagine.
With attacks coming from every side, Marcus faces a race against time to save the lives of a group of innocent people chosen as sacrifices in the Prophet’s final dark ritual.
The Prophet is a well written and well thought out book.  There are many twists and turns. I liked that there were surprises throughout the book, so I was kept guessing.  This book wasn't a comfortable read.  There was a lot of death and often the death was gruesome.  The author also explores the line between good and evil.  Often the line is very blurry.  Marcus struggles with this question throughout the book.  As he does his work for The Shepherd group he finds it is getting too easy for him and his heart seems to grow colder. It will be interesting to see how he deals with his conclusions in the next book.
When I went into this book, I wasn't aware that it was the second in a series.  The thing that I didn't like about the book was that I kept feeling like I was missing information.  It took me a while to connect the dots between all of the characters.  Therefore, it took me a while to get into the book.  I also felt like there were a lot of characters to keep straight.  I wonder if I had read the first book, The Shepherd, would I have felt more comfortable with the story. 
Despite this, I think The Prophet is worth a read.  You may want to pick up The Shepherd first.  Want to win a copy of The Shepherd to get you started? Just enter using the Rafflecopter below. US Entries only, please.

About the author:
When a fireman or a policeman would visit his school, most of his classmates’ heads would swim with aspirations of growing up and catching bad guys or saving someone from a blazing inferno. When these moments came for Ethan Cross, however, his dreams weren’t to someday be a cop or put out fires; he just wanted to write about it. His dream of telling stories on a grand scale came to fruition with the release of his first novel, the international bestseller, THE SHEPHERD.

Ethan Cross is the pen name of a thriller author living and writ- ing in Illinois with his wife, two daughters, and two Shih Tzus. In addition to The Shepherd and The Prophet, he has published two no- vellas––The Cage and Callsign: Knight (with Jeremy Robinson).

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