Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Paradise County by Karen Robards

Author: Karen Robards
First published in 2000 by Atria 

Left bankrupt after her billionaire father's sudden death, Alexandra Haywood returns to Shelby County, Kentucky -- that bit of Southern splendor known as Paradise County -- to sell the family's magnificent horse farm. Part of her mission is to re Joe Welch, the sexy, stubborn farm manager who worked hard for the Haywoods while raising his children. But Joe refuses to be red, and he and Alex clash. They also fall for each other -- hard. Just as their attraction ares, a shocking murder with ties to the past rocks the county -- and cuts close to home when Joe's teenage son, Eli, and Alex's wild-spirited younger sister, Neely, vanish. Now, the evil that lurks beneath Paradise County raises its gruesome head -- and Alex is targeted as the next victim.

I'm not sure I really enjoyed Paradise County.  In truth, it was kind of dull. Even the mystery was just so-so.  Don't get me wrong, the killer is very twisted and some of the scenes are gruesome.  But the motivation behind his acts isn't totally clear.  Also,the identity of the killer came out of nowhere for me.

 I didn't really care for the heroine.  Other than lust, I didn't really see what Joe saw in her either.  Alex comes across as unemotional and kind of bitchy.  She just wasn't very likeable.  The only interesting character in the book was Joe.  I really felt for him when he realizes he is about to lose his horses as well as his job.  I also had to commend him for putting his family first.

I ended up listening to the audiobook. The narrator's voice annoyed me, especially when she was reading the part of the younger sister.  Think high pitched valley girl.  Yuck. I love Karen Robards, but I can't say I would recommend this one.

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