Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

by:  Shari Lapena
published by:  Pamela Dorman Books
publish date:  August 23, 2016

Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it all—a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and their beautiful baby, Cora, but one night when they are at a dinner party next door, a terrible crime is committed. Suspicion immediately focuses on the parents, but the truth is a much more complicated story.

Inside the curtained house, an unsettling account of what actually happened unfolds. Detective Rasbach knows that the panicked couple is hiding something. Both Anne and Marco soon discover that the other is keeping secrets, secrets they've kept for years. 

The Couple Next Door tells the story of Anne and Marco.  They've both been keeping secrets from each other.  The secret lives they've been living all start to unravel the night their baby disappears.  She was supposed to be sleeping quietly while Anne and Marco were at a dinner party at the townhouse next door.  While Anne was uncomfortable with the idea Marco convinced her it would be safe since their townhouses were connected.  But late into the evening Anne finds her baby gone.  The remainder of the story tells what exactly happened to the baby and how all of their dark secrets play into her disappearance.

This was a good mystery/thriller.  It was well written and well paced.  This one is a must read for all the psychological thriller readers out there.  There was a lot of buzz about this book during the summer, so there are probably a lot of people with this one on their Christmas wishlist.  It would be a good buy!

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Ethan said...

I'm a sucker for a good mystery, and this one sounds awesome!