Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

Author: Judy Blume
first published in 1981 by Dell Publishing Company

Davey has never felt so alone in her life. Her father is dead (shot in a holdup) and now her mother is moving the family to New Mexico to try to recover. Climbing in Los Alamos Canyons, Davey meets mysterious Wolf, who seems to understand the rage and fear she feels. Slowly, with Wolf's help, Davey realizes that she must get on with her life. But when will she be ready to leave the past behind? Will she ever stop hurting?

I thought I would give another Judy Blume book a go after reading Are You There God, It's Me Margaret.  I had rated Tiger Eyes 3 stars on Goodreads based on my memory of how I liked it as a teen.  Now after reading it, I'm not sure I would agree with that rating.  I really didn't care for this one.  Is it because I'm now a 40-something adult?  Maybe.  In all honesty, I found the book depressing and at times really dated.  I'm not sure I would recommend this one to my kids. It's definitely not one of her better books!

Interesting fact though, it is the only book that the author ended up censoring herself.  Based on a recommendation form the publisher, she took out a particular scene that they thought would end up excluding younger readers from picking it up.  

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