Sunday, November 6, 2016

Winter Storms by Elin Hilderbrand

by:  Elin Hilderbrand
published by:  Little Brown and Co
publish date:  October 4, 2016

Some of the stormy weather of the past few seasons seems to have finally lifted for the Quinns. After a year apart, and an ill-fated affair with the Winter Street Inn's old Santa Claus, Mitzi has returned to rule the roost; Patrick is about to be released from prison; Kevin has a successful new business and is finally ready to tie the knot with Isabelle; and best of all, there's hopeful news about Bart, who has been captured by enemy forces in Afghanistan. 

Anybody that has been reading this blog for awhile knows that I don't like trilogies all that much.  It's a marketing strategy that aggravates me.  However, I love Elin Hilderbrand, so I was torn about starting this series.  I think if you're gonna do a trilogy, she did it in a good way.  You get a summer related book in the summer and the one of the winter books each winter in time for Christmas.  

This was the 3rd book in the series and I would assume the last since all the story lines were tied up.  I really enjoyed this series and don't tell anybody I would ever say this, but I hope she starts another Winter trilogy.  

I would recommend these books to anyone.  There's a little bit of something for everyone.  However, these are predominately women's literature.  I gave them a try and wasn't disappointed, I don't think very many other people would be either.

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