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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of The Heartless Boyfriend by Erika Kelly

Author: Erika Kelly
Publisher: EK Publishing, LLC
Date of publication: October 2018

There's not an athlete alive who can match Will's drive and self-discipline...until an adorable two year old and a fiery chef land on his doorstep and turn his life upside down. If he wants to keep his girls, he's going to have to learn to lead with his heart and not his mind.

Will Bowie is supposed to be training for the Olympics, but the toddler unexpectedly dropped into his life isn't interested in his schedules. Still, he's pretty sure he's got things under control...

...until a sexy chef lands on his doorstep and offers a temptation he can't resist.

Hours after losing her restaurant, chef Delilah Lua enters a cooking competition thousands of miles away from home. Winning would resurrect the dream that's been stolen from her. If--no, when--she wins, she'll go back with the capital to open her own place and enough fame to do it with flair. Her roommate, though, is a delicious surprise she hadn't anticipated...

..but she's not sure how to have her cake and eat it, too.

Despite the undeniable sparks in the kitchen, Will's not about to give his heart to a woman who's leaving, and Delilah must decide if the delectable future she could cook up with Will is worth more than a childhood dream.

The Heartless Boyfriend is the second book in the "Bad Boyfriends" series featuring the Bowie brothers.  This is Will's story.  The first book ended on a big cliff hanger with a little girl being dropped off at the house.  Will doesn't care whose daughter she is, he is determined to make her feel welcome.  Delilah ends up entering the big chef competition at the ranch to prove to her family, she can handle running a piece of the family business. Neither one is counting on how much their lives will change.

I'm not sure I have read a cuter romance than this one in a while.  I absolutely loved this story.  The romance was sweet and refreshing. Will and Delilah just fit together so perfectly.  Will had spent his whole life training and she helped him see more possibles.  Delilah was finally able to find a place to shine.  But more than the romance, I loved the story-line with Ruby.  Will has a lot of hurt from how his mother treated him when he was little.  He thinks he is heartless, but a cute little two year old helps him realize he really isn't.  I loved their relationship. The scene in her mother's house was so gut wrenching but hopeful at the same time. I'm not sure how anyone can read this without their heart melting. I don't want to say anything more.  Just go read it.  I know you'll fall for Wheel., Wally, and Ruby just like I did.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Glancing up from the faucet, she expected to see an apology in his eyes for being so cold to her. Instead, she saw impatience.
“Can I wash my hands?”
“When I finish.” She didn’t know why she’d held her ground. It wasn’t like she hadn’t cleaned the pear enough. But she was pissed at him—no, herself. God, she didn’t know. Nothing made sense. They’d been so close last night—she’d felt so comfortable with him, so free. And then he’d ruined everything with that kiss-off. I have to stay on track.
Okay, Will. Sorry for cutting in on your eight hours.
He stepped closer, reaching around her for the soap. His big, sweaty arms boxed her in, his thighs touching the backs of hers. He lathered his hands. “Let’s not make things uncomfortable for Ruby, okay?”
He was right. “I won’t.” Of course, he was.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you, and we can talk about it later, but Ruby picks up on everything, and I don’t want a strained, weird vibe in her home.”
“I know.” She didn’t need to be bitchy. It wasn’t like they’d made each other promises. They’d gotten carried away, and it had been great. “It was just sex.” She’d meant to lighten the mood, but the way he flinched—his arm grazing her bare skin—made her sizzle down to the soles of her feet. “Lackluster at that.”
“Right.” He held her gaze—hard, intense—but his words came out nonchalant. “Basic.”
“Yep. I’m all about the extra.”
“Never settle, Delilah Lua.” He clamped down on what might’ve been an awesome grin. “Never settle.”
She set the pear down and turned in his arms. “So, we’re good?”
He gave her that burning, hungry look that made desire churn and a flash fire race across her skin. “We’re good.” And then he put a hand on Ruby’s head. “I’m gonna hit the shower. You okay to stay down here with Wally?”
“Go wif you.”
He lifted his sister and headed across the living room. When his foot hit the bottom stair, he turned to her. “For what it’s worth?”
She waited.
“It was spectacular.”

About Erika Kelly:

Award-winning author Erika Kelly has been spinning romantic tales all her life--she just didn't know it. Raised on the classics, she didn't discover romantic fiction until later in life. From that moment on, she's been devouring the genre and has found her true voice as an author. Over three decades she's written poems, screenplays, plays, short stories, and all kinds of women's fiction novels. Married to the love of her life and raising four children, she's lived in two countries and seven states, but give her pen and paper, a stack of good books, and a steaming mug of vanilla chai latte and she can make her home anywhere.

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