Sunday, July 18, 2021

Review: That Weekend by Kara Thomas

Author: Kara Thomas
Publisher: Delacourte Press
Publication Date: June 2021

Three best friends, a lake house, a secret trip - what could go wrong?

It was supposed to be the perfect prom weekend getaway. But it's clear something terrible happened when Claire wakes up alone and bloodied on a hiking trail with no memory of the past forty-eight hours.

Three went up the mountain, but only one came back.

Now everyone wants answers - most of all, Claire. She remembers Friday night, but after that... nothing. And now Kat and Jesse - her best friends - are missing.

That weekend changes everything.

What happened on the mountain? And where are Kat and Jesse? Claire knows the answers are buried somewhere in her memory, but as she's learning, everyone has secrets - even her best friends. And she's pretty sure she's not going to like what she remembers.

In That Weekend, three teens go on a camping rip and only one comes out.  Claire is left with no memory of what occurred on the mountain.  Her friends are missing and presumed dead.   Now Claire needs to pick up and move on.  But can she really do it when there are still unanswered questions?

I thought this was an OK read. I did like Claire.  She was pretty smart. Her attempt to put the pieces of her life back together was fairly believable.  The mystery was fairly interesting.  I did call some of it, but not all of it.  I didn't call the ending.  It was kind of gross and came out of nowhere.  A tidbit like that should have been shared LONG before the events of the book ever happened.  I didn't love it and justice wasn't really served in my opinion.  This is probably the least favorite of the books I have tread by this author.  But I think that fans will probably want to check it out.

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