Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book Disappointments in 2012

The Casual Vacancy-Autumn was really excited to read an adult JK Rowling book.  However, despite it making Goodreads Best Fiction of the Year, it fell really short for Autumn.

The Wolf Gift-Autumn & Kari both read The Wolf Gift.  We were really psyched that Anne Rice was coming out with a new book!  Yay!  Back to her paranormal roots!  Yay!  Then we started reading the book.  Boo!!  Our boos devolved into a lot of giggling and eye rolling.  We agreed that it was a really bad book.

Red Rain-Again Autumn & Kari both read this book.  This book was written by RL Stein so we had a bit of nostalgia for our middle school days reading all those scary books he wrote.  This year he came out with this adult book.  He needs to stick with MG or YA because I think that's where he's comfortable.  This book was weird, it felt off.  Like a kids book trying really hard to be a grown up book.

Shadow of Night - Kari was excited to read this one as she loved A Discovery of Witches.  Sadly, it was too long and was just so-so.  Often a problem for the second in a trilogy.


Marce said...

I think the Casual V made many disappointed and DNF lists. I added Red Rain to my Wishlist just this week, hmmmm.

Happy New year next week.

Valia Lind said...

I haven't read JK or RL's books from this year. I was a bit nervous about doing so. I'll still want to, but I have been hearing a lot of up and downs about them. Thanks for sharing!