Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Cutting Edge by Linda Howard

Author: Linda Howard
First published in 1985 by Harlequin

Can love survive the ultimate test?  - Brett Rutland, Carter Engineering’s top troubleshooter, is sent to the L.A. office to crack a case of embezzlement. Brett’s a hard man, so it hit him like a sledgehammer when he fell in love with Tessa Conway.  Half the men in the office had been in love with her for years, but Brett was the first she’d loved in return. Their love is perfect, too perfect to last. And when Brett discovers the identity of the embezzler, his whole world is about to come crashing down . . .

Ms. Howard, I love your books, but with this one, I was not feeling the love.  The Cutting Edge has one of the worst alpha males I have ever read.  Now, I love a good alpha male.  Brett was not an alpha, he was just an ass-hat   The things he says to Tessa throughout the book just had my jaw dropping.  Don't even get me started on Tessa.  She was such a weak minded wimpy female that I had a hard time finding much to like about her.  Their love story was just unbelievable.

The mystery of who is setting up Tessa was pretty easy to figure out.  I thought the resolution was lame and totally unrealistic.  I kept shaking my head at the "evidence" the DA had against Tessa.  There is no way they would have pressed charges with the iffy evidence that they had against her.  I know this was written in 1985, but still it was a stretch.  There are better books out there by this author, I would suggest you find another one to read and skip this one.

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