Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Delusion in Death by J. D. Robb

Author: J. D. Robb
Publisher: Putnam
Date of Publication: September 2012

After years on the force, Eve Dallas didn't think she could be shocked anymore... until now.

In the latest installment of the "In Death" series, we find Eve Dallas trying to find a killer who uses people against themselves.  Someone is releasing a bio weapon that causes extreme rage and hallucinations in people.  The result is mass carnage.  The first scene is a bar filled with people who have turned turn on each other.  The scene is horrific.  As Eve and her team investigate, they realize they have a terrifying mess on their hands. One of the themes that runs through this book is "Any time, anywhere, any place".  How scary is that?  The book is so relevant to today with the potential of bio terrorism always around the corner.  It was a little frightening. 

As for the rest of the story, I enjoyed it.  As you know, I'm a fan of Eve and her crew.  This one was more of a straight cop story.  However, Eve and Roarke are still dealing with the events that happened in Dallas.  Eve has a long way to go to recover. Most people who have had similar  experiences would probably react n the same ways as Eve. We also learn a little more about Summerset and his background.  The usual suspects round out the story nicely.  I don't think I'll ever get enough of the humor that is included in the these books. 

As this is the 35th book, I wouldn't read it as a stand alone. At this point, there is just too much back history involved.  Number 36 comes out in February.  I can't wait!

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