Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Bared to You by Syliva Day

Author: Sylvia Day
Publisher: May 2012
Date of Publication: Penguin Group

Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness… 

This is the book I was hoping to get when I picked up 50 Shades of Grey.  Bared to You was a million and one times better!  I actually finished it for one.  In fact, I couldn't put it down!  Ms. Day has produced a well written, compelling and very erotic story.  It is an emotional ride that features two survivors of abuse trying to find love and acceptance.  

For Eva and Gideon, the attraction is instant.  At first, all Gideon is interested in is getting into bed with Eva, but the more time he spends with her, he realizes there is so much more he can get from her.  Both of them harbor deep secrets.  In order for them to work, they will have to reveal all of themselves and work through their issues.  Their relationship is so dysfunctional, but I can see hope for them if they are willing to work things out.

I loved both characters.  Eva is young, but she has a brain.  She recognizes potential in Gideon and is willing to work things through.  Gideon is rich and powerful, but as Eva breaks down his walls, we see a softer side of him.  He wants to change for Eva and is even willing to go into therapy for it.  I loved that about him.  The book is the first in a trilogy and it definitely ends on a "to be continued" note.  I have the next one, Reflected in You loaded up on the kindle ready to go.  I look forward to reading more about this couple.  I'm rooting for them.

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