Thursday, December 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Scandal by Amanda Quick

Author: Amanda Quick
First published in 1991 by Bantam

From a stately country house in Hampshire to the dazzling drawing rooms of London Society, comes an exquisite tale of an elfin beauty, a vengeful lord, and a sweet love that is sheer poetry.

 If you can ignore the repetitiveness of the two terms,"Bloody Hell" and "Higher Plane" , Scandal isn't a bad book.  The story was fairly entertaining.

Simon is a man bent on revenge who marries Emily as a means to get it.  Emily, for me, was a puzzling character.  She is pretty naive in the ways of the world and likes to see the best in everyone.  However, she is very smart when it comes to business affairs.  I had a hard time wrapping my brain around her.  Just when I thought she would react one way to a situation, she ended up doing the complete opposite.  I think that enhanced the story though.

I was fun to watch Simon realize he really isn't cold hearted, especially when it comes to Emily.  I loved the ending.  Emily's father got what he deserved in my opinion.  If you missed this early work by Amanda Quick ( AKA Jayne Anne Krentz)  Why not give it a go?  Maybe it will take you to a higher plane of existence!

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