Sunday, March 23, 2014

A March Bride by Rachel Huack

Author: Rachel Huack
Publisher: Zondervan
Date of publication: February 2014

Susanna has found her true prince, and their happily ever after is just around the corner. But when Nate asks her to give up something precious to her, Susanna can’t help but wonder if it’s a sign that their love is not meant to be.

A March Bride is the fourth in the "Year of Weddings" novella series.  It's a cute story and a good addition to the series.  When I started the story, I felt like there was some back story that I was missing.  I was right.  This novella is the continuation of Susanna and Nate's story from the book, Once Upon a Prince.  I didn't end up feeling like I was missing anything too important, so I don't think it is necessary to read the book before this one.  Although, I am curios now to see how Nate and Susanna fell in love.  

This short story deals with a lot of issues.  What defines us and what is our true calling?  Susanna finds out that in order to marry Nate she must give up her US citizenship.  While I did understand her initial freak out over the issue, I thought she over reacted a little bit.  But then, I guess cold feet can do that to a person.  I thought Nate's solution was very heart warming and a real confirmation of his commitment to the relationship.  
My only complaint with the story was I did think it was a bit heavy on the preaching.  But, I think that is just my personal preference when I read Christian literature.  I like my stories a bit more toned down.  Overall, it's an enjoyable read and one I do recommend.

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