Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cost of Life by Joshua Corin

Author: Joshua Corin
Publisher: Alibi
Date of publication: March 2015

Happy Independence Day. You’re all going to die. 

Life can’t be better for veteran pilot Larry Walder. He has a great job, a terrific kid, a gorgeous wife—and no inkling that tonight will be the end of the world as he knows it. In the early hours before the Fourth of July, three men break into Larry’s home. And as the day lurches on to its terrifying course, a life is taken, and Flight 816 from Atlanta to Cozumel, Mexico, vanishes off the radar.

In the air, Larry must find a way to save his family, his crew, and his passengers. On the ground, disgraced FBI agent Xanadu Marx goes rogue, making it her mission to track down the missing flight before the hijackers reach their diabolical endgame. With the casualties racking up and the world’s busiest airport under lockdown, a message arrives: This is no ordinary hijacking, no typical hostage crisis. This ransom is a totally different beast—the first hint of a conspiracy that might bring America to its knees.

Cost of Life looked like an exciting and intriguing read.  An airline pilot awakens to find that his family has been kidnapped.  In order to save them, he must divert the plane he is scheduled to fly that morning to another location. He has no idea who they are or why they want the plane.  It sounds like it the plot of a great action movie, right?

For me, the book just didn't work. I got about halfway through and stopped reading.  It definitely wasn't a book that I would normally read or like.  A couple of things bothered me about it.  There is an ex-FBI agent who is an expert in linguistics is driven to the airport to see one of the terrorists by a dying teenager. That really wasn't a believable plot point for me.  I also felt like there were too many characters to keep track of up front.  I slowed the flow down for me.  But, when I finally got to what the terrorists were going to do with the hostages, I had to stop reading.  I just wasn't comfortable with the "game".

I'm not saying this is a bad read.  I just don't think it was for me.  But, if you would like to give it a try, there is a giveaway.  Enter and you could win a copy!

About the author:

Joshua Corin is the author of Nuclear Winter Wonderland, While Galileo Preys, andBefore Cain Strikes. He holds an M.A. in English and an M.A. in theater from Binghamton University, and currently teaches college in Atlanta, Georgia.
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