Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Burial Ground by Alan Shuman

by:  Alan Shuman
published by:  Avon Books
publish date:  1998 originally, republished July 14, 2014 Open Road Press

Hired to find an ancient Tunica Indian burial site on a recently purchased Louisiana plantation, Alan Graham and his associate, P. E. Courtney, realize that a killer is on the loose when their client is murdered and the tenant is nowhere to be found.

I was surprised I had never heard of Alan Shuman before.  He's a local author and he writes about archaeology.    I'm glad that I have come across his books, because they're quite good.  He does a good joy portraying the local culture and customs.  His story is also clear and well written.

Burial Ground tells the story of Alan Graham, a contract archaeologist being hired to check out some private land.  The owner believes that there is an Indian burial site on his land that could be very valuable.  However, the owner very quickly ends up dead.  Alan is dogged every step of the way by a new archaeologist in town trying to horn in on his business.  They can either fight over the job or join forces.  

I would definitely recommend this series to mystery readers, people with an interest in historical artifacts, and people with an interest in Louisiana.  I was excited to find this new to me writer.

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