Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bad Judgment by Meghan March

Author: Meghan March
Publisher: Red Dress Press
Date of publication: August 2016

He’s arrogant.

She’s self-righteous.

I hate him.

I want her. 

I’ve been turning him down for two years straight.

Every shut-down makes me work harder.

I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.

She doesn’t realize I won’t settle for only one night.

He’s a distraction I don’t need. 

She’ll say yes eventually because I’m not giving up.

I seriously have been on a Meghan March kick this month as this is the third book I have read by her. Bad Judgment is her first foray into the New Adult genre.  It's a stand alone book which was a refreshing change for a New Adult.  They all seem to be a series. 

 I honestly can say, I really enjoyed this one.  Both main characters were fun and I loved their chemistry. For a New Adult book, there was a surprising lack of angst which put it up a notch in my opinion.  I liked Justine.  She had a sense of pride and lots of integrity and worked hard for what she had.  Ryker was kind of arrogant in the beginning, but he ended up being an pretty decent guy fairly quickly.  The best part was how he taught her that she could have love in her life. She taught him that he was more than his bank account and nice car.  

There was a little twist in the end that I did kind of predict before Justine figured it out.  But, I still enjoyed it.  The epilogue was beyond sweet.  I highly recommend this one if you haven't read it yet.  

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