Thursday, December 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Glass Shoe by Kay Hooper

Author: Kay Hooper
First published in 1989 by Loveswept.  Re-issued in 2016 by Loveswept

Beautiful heiress Amanda Wilderman insisted she didn't believe in princes, yet shed agreed to attend the masquerade ball as Cinderella.

Dashing entrepreneur Ryder Foxx had no use for fairy tales but made an impossibly handsome Prince Charming. He never expected to meet a mysterious, masked enchantress who would steal his heart in a moonlit garden—and leave only a glass slipper behind to persuade him she'd been magically, passionately real! 

Amanda reveled in Ryder's fierce possession, adored being pursued for herself alone and not her wealth, but she knew the fantasy would end as the clock struck midnight...or would it? 

When Ryder arrived without warning at her Wyoming, ranch Amanda wondered how long her secrets would be safe from this hero whose caress overwhelmed her—and made her dare to dream. Ryder's love was a prize worth winning, but could she trust this dangerous, irresistible knight enough to admit she longed for happily ever after?

The Glass Shoe was a recent re-read for me.  I read this a number of years ago when I was on a Kay Hooper binge.  It was recently re-issued by Loveswept in November of this year.  I have read this whole series, but going back was a lot of fun.  Her Once Upon a Time series is a spin on some of the more famous fairy tales.  This one being Cinderella. In fact, it includes a ball, a glass slipper and a prince who is dying to find the woman in the mask.

I enjoyed this one just as much the second time around   Since it is a take on a fairy tale, there is insta-love, but that only adds to the fun of it.   I like both characters and thought their romance was sweet.  Was it one of the best romances I have read? No, but it's a nice escape for a little while.  

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