Sunday, December 11, 2016

Beneath These Lies by Meghan March

Author: Meghan March
Publisher: Meghan March LLC
Date of publication: March 2016

Look, but don’t touch…she might as well wear a neon sign that says it. It just makes me want her more.

She might be above me in every way, but I still want her under me.

I’ve got no business touching her rich-girl skin, but that won’t stop me from stealing a taste. Because rules were meant to be broken—especially when the prize is so fine.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, what's buried beneath these lies?

I've read all of the books from this series and have really enjoyed them so far.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Beneath These Lies.  I think the real problem is that it wasn't the story I thought I was getting.  I was expecting it to be Hennessy and Valentina's story.  But it wasn't.  Instead, it was Valentina and Rix's story.  That was a surprise.  I wouldn't have minded too much if there wasn't an attempt at a love triangle.  I didn't enjoy that.  It felt half-hearted at best.  

The other reason this story didn't do it for me was Valentina's choice.  Rix is gangster and a drug dealer when she meets him.  Yet, she falls for him anyway.  In lust or love...who knows?  I just didn't buy it.  Her character just wasn't someone I saw falling for a person who was reported to be so "bad" as Rix.  I mean he was a serious alpha, but I couldn't ignore the person he was supposed to be. Don't get me started on her friends who didn't seem to have an issue with it either.   The twist in the end wrapped it up nicely, but it was almost too nice for me.  Just, no....

So, I'm sad to say, this was my least favorite of the series.  I hope Hennessy gets his own story in the future.  I felt bad for him all around.  

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