Monday, May 31, 2021

Book I DNF'd in May

The Sorrows
:  I tried to listen to this book a couple of times.  I DNF'd it at about the same place each time.  I didn't like the characters.  There were a couple of scenes that just made me really uncomfortable and I gave up.   Other people seem to like this book, so it's probably just a me thing.

Possession: I gave up about halfway through the book.  I wasn't a fan of the back and forth in timelines.    I was also really bored.  I ended up not caring about what really happened.  I also had a hard time believing that the police investigation would be wrapped up so quickly.  I honestly didn't care to find out what really happened.

The Nearness of You
:  this was a bonus borrow on Hoopla.  I'm glad I didn't waste a borrow on it.  I gave up fairly early. The hero's family was ridiculously over the top about appearance that it got annoying.  I don't come from a small town, so the Thorntons being "town royalty" was lost on me.  Is that really a thing still?  I couldn't buy into the "wrong side of the tracks" scenario.  It knew it would get old.

The Clover Girls:  I definitely think this was a case of wrong book at the wrong time.  I had a feeling after reading the first character's perspective that I wasn't going to like the book.  I was so not in the mood for a woman who has everything whining about how unhappy she is. Really?  Then do something about it. I'm tired of that narrative and gave up.  I did skip to the end and my suspicion was confirmed.  There as nothing new here.  It's a storyline I have read before.

You Will Remember Me:  I predicted the ending of this book from the minute I met the step-sister.  I was really turned off by that storyline.  I stopped at about 25% and peeked at the end.  I was correct and was so glad I didn't finish it.

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