Sunday, May 30, 2021

May Mini Musings

Before Summer Ends:  Normally, I love this author's books.  But this one was just OK for me.  Honestly, I read it a while ago and I had to refresh my memory before writing about it.  It was a little forgettable.  The characters were OK.  But it felt like a story I had read before.  There wasn't much new here.

Hard Target:  This was an OK romantic suspense  I didn't love it and I didn't hate it.  I thought there were some places where I had a hard time suspending disbelief.  I couldn't understand the heroine's decision toward the end.  Especially given that she had zero reasons to trust the bad guy.  I would have liked more of an epilogue to see what happened next.  I didn't hate my time with it and I can see it being a hit with fans of this author.

Bookshop by the Sea
: I thought this was a sweet clean second chance romance.  The characters had chemistry and I did root for them.  More than the romance, I enjoyed watching the main character finally find the confidence to do something for herself and stop helping her family  They really needed to move on and learn how to be adults.  I do recommend this one.

One to Watch:  This is the third book in the Detective Kay Hunter series.  I am really enjoying this series and am already listening to the fourth book.  This one was not about a serial killer but a "single" murder mystery that Kay and her team have to solve.  I was still kept guessing as it got a bit twisty.  I highly recommend this one.

Don't Call it a Cult:
  This was a fairly quick read.  I learned a bit more about the cult NXIVM but really not much. I was hoping for more but this was much  more surface level than I was hoping for. I did enjoy the parts that dealt with things they would do and say to "hook" you.  Keep this book in mind the next time someone invites you to a "self-help" workshop. 

Little Creeping Things:  I thought this was a fairly solid YA mystery.  I did call the ending, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of the journey.  I liked the main character and her willingness to do what it took to figure out the mystery.  Even though no one believed  her.  I would recommend giving this one a shot.

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