Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog Tour: The Yoga Club

by:  Cooper Lawrence
published by:  Gallery Books
publish date:  January 10, 2012

In the bestselling tradition of Paula Froelich and Candace Bushnell comes a dishy novel about the secrets of the rich and privileged, featuring four yoga friends who stumble upon a murder at a tony Greenwich, Connecticut party—and have to solve the crime or be implicated themselves.

When Coco Guthrie and three other Greenwich locals appear at THE Halloween party of the season, they’re chagrined to discover that they’ve all come in the same costume—Sarah PalinPalins return to the party, swearing each other to secrecy, but when each of them receives a mysterious warning the next day, it becomes clear that they were spotted—and are in serious trouble.Now the unlikely foursome must work together to uncover the truth behind the murder—and where can four people from different social circles mingle unnoticed? At an early morning yoga class, of course! Each member of the 8:30 Yoga Club is hiding secrets of her own, but they soon discover that good friends can protect you from even the nastiest of scandals.

I'm going to admit from the beginning I didn't finish this book.  I ran out of time before I had to post this, but I do intend to finish it.  The Yoga Club is an amusing book.  Cooper Lawrence can write humor well.  Olivia and her echolalia was cracking me up.

I kind of assumed this book would be a cozy the tea house mysteries or the needlework mysteries.  Not so much.  This book is filled with all kinds of taboo sex and over the top characters.  These are the ultra rich in their playground, so topics of conversation and dialogue are definitely not what you'd find in the cozy genre.

This book would be a good beach read, a good cozy up by the fire on a cold weekend read.  It's a light-hearted fun kind of book.  Not a serious, heavy story.  If you're looking for the yoga though, it's few and far between, they just all happen to be in the same class. 

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