Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday- The Maze by Catherine Coulter

Author: Catherine Coulter
First published in 1997 by Putnam

Remember Dillon Savich from The Cove? He's back and he's now the head of the FBI's Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU), where Dillon has developed predictive analogue programs to aid in the capture of serial killers.

Enter Lacey Sherlock, a very well-qualified new agent who seems bright and eager and on the up-and-up. But is she really?

When there's a vicious murder in Boston, she's off like a shot, lying to Dillon.

When Dillon finds out what's going on, he realizes they'll all be in deep trouble, maybe even victims themselves, if he and Sherlock don't find out who murdered her sister seven years before.

I reviewed The Cove last month and I since enjoyed that one, so I decided to continue with the series.  The Maze focuses on Dillon Savich who made an appearance in The Cove.  Once again, Ms. Coulter has given us a great mystery.  While I did have part of the mystery figured out early one, I did no figure out the twist at the end. The chemistry between Dillon and "Sherlock" was great!  Although I would think that their HEA was a bit rushed.  I also have to wonder at the Bureau chief being OK with them having a relationship when Dillon is Sherlock's boss.  But, hey creative license, right? There is also an appearance of characters from The Cove.  It is always nice to catch up with previous characters.  Anyway, this is a great sequel to the first.  I look forward to the next one on the series.

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