Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus Sakey

by:  Marcus Sakey
published by:  Dutton Adult
publish date:  June 9, 2011

A man wakes up naked and cold, half-drowned on an abandoned beach. The only sign of life for miles is an empty BMW. Inside the expensive car he finds clothes that fit perfectly, shoes for his tattered feet, a Rolex, and a bank envelope stuffed with cash and an auto registration in the name of Daniel Hayes, resident of Malibu, California.  None of it is familiar.

What is he doing here? How did he get into the ocean? Is he Daniel Hayes, and if so, why doesn't he remember? While he searches for answers, the world searches for him-beginning with the police that kick in the door of his dingy motel, with guns drawn. Lost, alone, and on the run, the man who might be Daniel Hayes flees into the night.

All he remembers is a woman's face, so he sets off for the only place he might find her. The fantasy of her becomes his home, his world, his hope. And maybe, just maybe, the way back to himself.

But that raises the most chilling question of all: What will he find when he gets there?

I had never heard of Marcus Sakey before the show Hidden City started coming on.  My husband and I both really enjoy it so I figured if the show was good, I needed to check out one of his books.  The library had this one on audiobook available so I grabbed it.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of writing in The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes.   Marcus Sakey has a great way of describing everyday things in a unique way.  His way of describing things is something that really stood out and set him apart from other thriller writers for me.

The story itself was pretty cool.  I liked the idea of a man waking up in the ocean with no clue of who he is and how he got there.  His journey to figuring out who he is was difficult and scary.  There were a few little plot turns that seemed a little far fetched to me, but it was ok, it could suspend my disbelief enough for the sake of the story.

All in all I was pleased with this book and I look forward to reading more from Marcus Sakey in the future and hope Hidden City stays on TV for a few more seasons.

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