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Book Spotlight: Immigration and Adaptation by Haskell Edwards

Author: Haskell G. Edwards, D. Min.
Publisher: Langdon Street Press
Date of publication: September 2011

Adaptation is a must. But how does one go about doing this? It takes great planning, finances, and courage to leave one's homeland; but then finding support and comfort or anything of familiarity in a new land presents a whole new set of challenges. The stress is overwhelming. How do you gain the happiness and success you dreamed of attaining in the new land?

Immigration and Adaptation is here to help you navigate through these challenges. With the information herein, immigrants coming to North America will be prepared to identify and resolve social, family, and personal challenges with confidence. Mr. Edwards' vast professional experience with diverse immigrant families, as well as his own personal journey and genuinely encouraging approach, not only help immigrant families adapt to new surroundings, but grow stronger together in their journey.

This book includes:
- A family wellness test
- Step-by-step guidelines
- Real-life examples
- Inspirational stories
- Family, parenting, and spousal exercises
- Illustrations
- Single-parenting advice

Immigration and Adaptation also includes tips on: building self-confidence, resolving conflicts, tuning communication skills, networking and building social supports, budgeting, parenting, enhancing spousal relationships, helping teenagers adjust, communicating effectively, and more.
Enjoy an excerpt from the book:

Chapter 1


When we immigrants think of home our minds are often in a state of confusion—caught between the old and the new. We conjure up pictures of people, friends, family, and places in the Philippines, in Italy, in Pakistan, or in the Caribbean, which often stimulate feelings of nostalgia and a desire to return to the life so long left behind. We never seem to escape the image and impact of our childhood days. But, in a certain sense, it is a state of “confusion,” because, if “home is a place where those I love are gathered together,” then most of us will feel the pull between the past and the present. For even though most of our strongest kinship bonds may be right here with us in adoptedland, we might live very much in the distant and somewhat  imaginary past. I say “imaginary” because adult recollections of childhood scenes or events are often skewed and may be very different from the reality of that past. Nevertheless, recollections of our childhood environment and experiences have a powerful and indelible impact upon us, and they are often etched in our psyche for a lifetime.

About the author:

Haskell G. Edwards, D. Min. has vast professional experience for more than forty years as pastor, administrator, family therapist, and director of a family therapy center. His extensive experience gained from working with immigrant families in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic setting, as well as his own personal journey and genuinely encouraging approach, positions him not only to help immigrant families adapt to new surroundings, but grow stronger together in their journey.

He has successfully held immigrant seminars, workshops, and lectures throughout North America. Now a retired pastor, he continues to help immigrant families of a wide cultural heritage transition into their new homeland.

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