Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog tour: Dancing in the Dark by Shelly Maguire

Author: Shelly Maguire & Beth Huffman
Publisher: Stanley Publishing Co.
Date of publication: 2012

What turns an angry adolescent and then a defiant teenager into an indomitable businesswoman who faced so many obstacles in life that she defied all odds for success? Told at the age of nine that she had a lethal disease that could take her life by the age of 18, for Shelly Maguire this was all she had to hear to push herself to the limits and stop at nothing to reach her goals.

Dancing in the Storm is a very inspiring book.  When Shelly was 12, she was told that because of her Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis, she probably wouldn't live past the age of 18.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she ignored the doctors and pushed herself to live a great and full life.  

What I enjoyed about the book was the honesty.  The book is written through a series of e-mails between Ms. Maguire and Ms. Huffman.  It waffles between the e-mails and narratives about Shelly's life.  I will admit that I wasn't too comfortable with the format at first but as the book progressed I began to enjoy it. The book also includes several e-mails from family members that give the reader another insight into Shelly's life.  I think that rounded out the story telling very well since the reader was not just getting the autobiographic perspective.  Ms. Maguire's story is very inspiring. It's a quick read and quite enjoyable.
About the author:

Shelly Maguire is the author of the newly released book Dancing in the Storm, owner of Ice Elements skin care products and appears regularly on HSN and the radio program, Strength in Sharing. She lives in Florida with her husband, Frankie Tedesco. 

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