Thursday, August 30, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Kill Me Again by Leslie Rule

Author: Leslie Rule
Originally published in 1996 by Jove
Re-issued by Andrews McNeel Publishing in April 2012

In her dreams, her life was not her own. Awake, the threat of danger was real. Everyone said that she was crazy. But when Alexis dreamed of dying, she knew she had been killed before. And if it had happened once, it could happen again.  

 I really enjoyed Kill Me Again.  The whole idea of reincarnation and karma is a fascinating subject.  The book starts when Alexis moves to her mother's hometown and things seem start to seem familiar to her.  The problem is that she hasn't been in the town since she was a toddler.  She also looks exactly like her aunt Nan, who supposedly ran away from home when she was 17. Is she the reincarnation of her aunt or is she just imagining things?

This book has a little something for every YA reader.  There is a murder mystery. Young girls keep dying and Alexis keeps finding them.   There is a very sweet romance between Alexis and Josh who seemed to be destined for each other.  Thankfully, it wasn't your typical YA mushiness.  Finally, there is the paranormal plot line that keep the books really interesting.  I loved the ending and the way it made me wonder...

There really was nothing objectionable in the book so I could recommend it for younger YAs.  If you missed it in the 90s give it a shot now!

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