Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog tour: And When She Was Good by Laura Lippman

Author: Laura Lippman
Publisher: William Morrow (Harper Collins)
Date of pubication: April 2012

In the comfortable suburb where she lives, she's just a mom, the youngish widow with a forgettable job who somehow never misses a soccer game or a school play. 

In the state capitol, she's the redheaded lobbyist with a good cause and a mediocre track record. 

But in discreet hotel rooms throughout the area, she's the woman of your dreams—if you can afford her hourly fee. 

My thoughts:

This is the first book by Ms. Lippman that I have read.  I will admit that initially, I had a hard time getting into  And When she Was Good.  But as the book progressed, I was intrigued to find out what makes a woman choose to become a madam.  I liked the way the story alternated between the past and the present.  The author does a great job of showing the reader how Heloise evolves into "the mother" and "the madam".  Heloise keeps her life ordered and compartmentalized.  Few people know what she really does for a living.  She manages to keep it all from her son and has been raising him in a nice, homey environment. The problem is that her normal life and her hidden life are slowly crashing together.

I think this book will be met with mixed feelings.  The book is well written and the characters were very well fleshed out.  I'm just not too sure many of them are likable.  For me, that includes the main character.  I could see how she made her early mistakes.  Many abused, naive girls fall into situations that they can't find a way out of and I can understand that.  What I didn't understand is why Heloise chose to stay in the life.  She had several opportunities to make herself into something different.  Many single mothers manage to go back to school and find jobs with which they can support their family.  When she is making money as a madam, she chooses not to funnel it into an education for herself.  I lost some respect for her because of this.

The subject of prostitution is a very controversial issue.  Heloise feels she is providing a service, but how many families is she helping to tear apart when the husbands come to her?   I had a hard time reconciling that in my mind. Despite all of that, I did enjoy the book and would recommend it.  And When She Was Good is a book that I believe will be talked about for a long while. I did like the ending and I know it is a book that  will stay with me for a long time.  If you are a fan of Laura Lippman, give this new one a shot.

About the author:

Laura Lippman has been awarded every major prize in crime fiction. Since the publication of What the Dead Know, each of her hardcovers has hit the New York Times bestseller list. A recent recipient of the first-ever Mayor’s Prize, she lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and New Orleans with her husband, David Simon, their daughter, and her stepson.


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